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Getting the most out of the Clubs Calendars



There are two ways to get inormation from the calendars:

Subscribing – a term meaning to join. It does not cost anything to subscribe to emails or RSS feeds. When you choose to receive text messages you may have a text taken from your monthly allowance depending on your supplier – see texting further down.


  1. Emails received after subscribing – emails are sent out either Weekly or if information in a calendar changes or new information is added. The email will look something like:



Emails are totally free and are the best way to receive information. The email will contain lots of information. With links to events and the main calendar. Your email is not visible to anyone else, and is not passed to anyone else. You can unsubscribe at anytime yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of any email.


I recommend this as the way to keep in touch as the emails are very detailed.


  1. RSS feeds . – Seen as a web page in your browser. No email address is required. To unsubscribe simply delete the web link in your browser. No information about you is held by the calendar at all, you are totally anonymous. However because we do not have your email address we cannot inform you directly. It will look like the following.


Browsers update the information seen on the web page reguarly but are not as informative as the email system. Less information is shown, and it is less clear when something is new. There are still links to the main calendar. Unlike emails you are not routinely informed when things are happening its up to you to check. However, it does accurately let you know the upcoming events and keeps them accurate.





Emails – Very detailed, routinely informative, actively keep you up to date – Best solution

RSS – No personal data held, can be setup on any PC or browser many times – Still Good

You can use a combination of emails and RSS eg, email at home RSS at work



Reviewing the full online calendar

Using Texts

Texts can be used as either reminders or as a way of remembering Events. I recommend you consider the following:


v     You may be deducted 1 text message per text from your monthly allowance

v     You may be charged 10p per text if it does not come from your alowance.

v     If you receive a text that spans multiple text each will count as 1 text


As you will probably only want to use a text to remind you of an event such as a gala, the odd text per month will probably be worth it as most people do not use up their full allowance!



If you are having difficulty getting them to work for you please contact Dave Penketh (dave.penketh@wallaseyswimmingclub.co.uk)




 Hovering over an event will produce a pop-up that shows some details about the event.

Clicking on the event, or clicking on show more details in the popup will open up a window that will show a lot more information about the event.

Depending on the event you may see maps either in small view or if you click on the address of the event you may see a full screen map such as google or Bing.





Downloading events:

You can download events to

  • iCAL (by file download) – this is an internet based calendar format such as google or yahoo. Select this to download a file and import into your calendar
  • Direct calendar import – the following calendars can be imported to directly
  • Outlook – This can then be synchronised with your phone to create a reminder
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Windows Live cal
  • Apple iCAL

Using calendar views

You can view the calendars in 3 ways:

  • Classic month view
  • Full year span – useful to quickly see what is coming up
  • Quick view month – shows a list of items together

The year view will allow you to view how events may fit your holiday plans further in the year, remember you can switch back to moth view when you see items you want more info on


Mixing Calendars

You can either show calendars individually or you can merge the info into one calendar. If you are in both clubs this will then allow you to see if there are clashes. Each calendar although merged will have their events colour coded to that calendar.


Searching Calendars

You can search a calendar for any tern such as a place like ‘Crosby’ and then you will see only events relating to the search. Done in the year view then you can quickly see the events that match.