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Annual Dinner Dance


Each year before Christmas we hold a SPLASH NIGHT for all the classes. This involves fun relays, organized games and a short period of free-play. Swimmers and parents enjoy this especially when the coaches jump in.


'A SQUAD' take part in a week of water safety, personal survival and life-saving lessons.This is done just before the school holidays. The swimmers really enjoy swimming in shorts and T-shirts and learning skills like towing, rescuing and water safety.Last year the parents were invited to join one of the classes and they found it so hard to swim in clothes, some of them found it too hard to swim full stop.


Each year the club holds it's ANNUAL DINNER DANCE (pictures of that coming soon). This is always a great night. It's a chance for people to let their hair down a little and have a meal, a few drinks and then a dance. During the evening a guest speaker is invited to give a speech. This is always interesting; sometimes more so because the water polo team can never behave themselves, so they have a secret sweep to guess the length of the speech! Awards are also presented to the swimmers and water polo players and it is great to see shocked and pleased faces from everyone who receives one.The awards are for: novice girl and boy, junior girl and boy, senior girl and boy, and team of the year. Water Polo awards are presented to senior player of the year and junior player of the year.


A few years ago the club held a charity night. This involved a lot of silly races, parent and child teams and a very important 'Invitation Race' . The teams taking part were from Guinea Gap Staff, Merseyside Police, Wallasey Swimming Club and Water Polo. Proudly the team from Guinea Gap Staff were the winners. There was calls of foul play and even cheating but none of this was proven, there was not enough evidence. Ely's legacy still remains with some of the swimmers who witnessed an outstaning final leg of the relay! Another highlight was some of the male swimmers and parents dressing up as women. It was hilarious when they tried to get up on the blocks wearing high-heels and mini skirts before their race! We raised £500 that was given to Claire House and St John's Hospice.


More recently some of the swimmers were invited/volunteered to do taster sessions on some new fitness equipment and classes that have recently been introduced at Guinea Gap. The first group of guinea pigs/volunteers spent a few hours at Leasowe and then more took part in taster sessions at Guinea Gap in the Half-term. The feedback from these classes is that everyone found them fun and beneficial. We will try to organize some classes that are purely for Wallasey Swimming Club, although you can alway book independently  now for classes if you are interested. There are some classes and courses being held over the Easter holidays so see reception if anyone is interested.