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Wallasey Swimming Club was founded in 1890 and is still going strong!

With your support we will continue to be an active part of our community into the 21st century and beyond, and we will continue to provide opportunities for residents, young and old.

We are always happy to welcome new swimmers.

If you want to be part of our club, please come and talk to us at Guinea Gap baths. You will become part of a local institution, you'll make lots of new friends, you'll have lots of fun, and what a great way to get FIT!!.


Our new site has a host of new features available to improve the experience of our members: 

  • Event management Calendaring 
  • Polls - pass on your view about the club
  • Quiz - Online Quiz for fun and prizes
  • Improved document management - get your forms online, or complete them online
  • Improved content - more active content - you can provide feedback

As it is new, you will have some questions - please take the oportunity to look in the Frequently asked Questions section to see if it can help you.  

So take some time to browse and enjoy.

Development Gala Woodchurch

Join our swimming club!  

We are always looking for new swimmers young or old. If you a young competent swimmer that has passed stage 5 and swim multiple lengths comfortably, why not pop down to the club for a trial. These are held every Tuesday at 6:30pm. You will be asked to swim a range of strokes and our coaches can asses wether you are ready for the exciting stage of being a swimming club member.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday! 

Coaches Blogs

2016 Annual Gala Now Live
Parents, please take the opportunity to look on the clubs website, for in the members only section are the full results and photos for the 2016 (2015, 2014 and 2013 are also available) Annual Club championships held last week on Tuesday and Friday. T
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you! If you are new to the members section of the club website, we have a small suprise for you. If you logon to the members section on your birthday, then the website will sing you a song.... and its not happy birthday!!!! s
2014 AG Now LIVE
The 2014 WSC Championships Annual Gala took place this year on the 4th & 7th March. The two nights were attended by both enthusiatics children and parents alike. The atmosphere was electric with many very closely fought races. On a fe
2013 Annual Gala Webpages
Website update for the 2013 Annual Gala For WSC registered members, the website has a new section dedicated to the 2013 Annual Gala. Whithin this section are: Photos of all the winners from both Galas Photos of the Top3 from both


Gala Blogs

Information on Gala Results
Sometimes you may notice that you attend a Gala at a 33m pool. The website does not record the times from these galas as the times do not accurately compare against 25m or 50m pools. These 33m pool times will still be placed in the general results section page.  
Guinea Gap Training Pool