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At Wallasey Swimming Club there are three squads.



The squads are as follows:

  • D squad-Development. This class is for younger swimmers on their first steps to becoming a competent, competitive swimmer. They are taught techniques and skills to promote good stroke development, correct starts and turns, and an increased understanding of all aspects of swimming. Personal development and a bit of fun is also a key factor, especially during birthday splashes.
  • A squad-Advanced.This class is for more experienced swimmers who have demonstrated high levels of ability and have shown good levels of improvement, attention and attendance. Swimmers will continue to be taught and encouraged to display high levels of stroke technique and ongoing improvement in all aspects of swimming.They will progress to regular team selection and have the ability to enter individual competitions at local and higher levels.
  • B & P squad consists of 3 levels.1) Masters-adults 25 years and over.2) Swimmers who are new to competitive swimming and will benefit from training with young people over the age of 12. 3) More experienced swimmers who have risen through the other squads but due to levels of ability and commitment are more suited to a shorter and less frequent training program.This is ideal for swimmers in important educational years.

    All swimmers from all squads will be considered for gala selection at the appropriate levels.

The session times are as follows from 4th April 2017:

D Squad

  • Tuesday and Friday 6:30-7:15pm.
  • Sunday 11:00am-12pm

B Squad:

  • Tuesday and Friday 8:05-9:00pm
  • Sunday 11:00am-12pm

A Squad:

  • Monday 6:45-7:45pm
  • Tuesday and Friday 7:15-8:10pm
  • Sunday 11:00am-12pm

P Squad:

  • Tuesday and Friday 8:05-9:00pm
  • Sunday 11:00am-12pm

Swim down and warm up of A and P Class will overlap

Times of sessions may change on sundays due to disabled swimming during summer months.

All sessions are covered by the monthly 16.50 fee that is reqd for club members.