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The Club competes each year in a number of Leagues consisting of various galas.  These are at different levels of competition and require swimmers of different abilities.


Peninsular Development League:

This is, as the name implies, a league for developing swimmers in the earlier stages of ability.  We try to involve as many Club members as possible, particularly those who have recently joined.  This is a good starting point for learning gala skills.  The events in these galas are time limited to exclude the fastest swimmers and provide a chance to swim strokes or distances that the swimmers have not yet participated in.  It is also a good opportunity for a large number of swimmers to achieve PB's (personal bests).


Peninsular League:

This is normally swum by our strongest team and involves longer swims.  We compete against seven other teams: - Bebington, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Hoylake, Neston, Woodchurch and Wirral Aquarius.  These galas are held in four rounds, with the teams rotating so that in each gala we swim against two different teams.


Merseyside & District Junior Swimming League:

This is a four division competition with 5/6 teams per division.  We will be competing this year in Division 3 against: - Bebington, Crosby, Woodchurch and Wirral Aquarius.  We will swim five galas against the same 4 clubs.  The season for this league is September to June, which means that the swimmers will be a slightly different age mix to that of the Peninsular League. At the end of the season the winning team in each division is promoted to the next division up and the team with the lowest number of points is relegated to the division below.


Peninsular Group Galas:

We encourage Club members to compete in these larger events.  They consist of: Age Group Championships; usually held in February. 50m Sprints; usually held in June and the Distance Meet; usually held in November. An All Clubs Gala and a Development All Clubs Gala; are usually held towards the end of the year.


Championship Meets:

More able swimmers may enter the Cheshire Championships and the Liverpool and District Championships. Swimmers who have competed in the M & D League may enter the M & D Individual Championships.


Wallasey Annual Club Championships:

All full members of the club are expected to enter the Club Championships which are held in November.


Primary Schools Gala:

Each year Wallasey Swimming Club hosts a heat of the Primary Schools Galas for local schools. 12 local schools are invited. The winners and runners up are eligible to compete in the (two) final galas in June.