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- 2016 Annual Gala Now Live
Parents, please take the opportunity to look on the clubs website, for in the members only section are the full results and photos for the 2016 (2015, 2014 and 2013 are also available) Annual Club championships held last week on Tuesday and Friday. The website has an amazing amount of information about the gala, including:
  1. Results summary - All positions and times from every heat / event
  2. Speed Awards - View whether you achieved an ASA speed award time that entitles you to purchase a speed badge, this section also shows how much you need to improve to receive the next badge
  3. Your own Personal Results
  4. Overall competition times
  5. Club records - view who holds the current club records and their times
  6. Gala Statistics - who tops the tables for most medals, and events entered 
  7. ASA records - view your asa records
  8. Event Top 3 photos from both galas
  9. Winner photos from both galas

To view all of the above you need to have registered for access to the members section on the website.  To do this simply click on the members section, and a page will load that has an online form at the bottom that allows you to make a request for access. Once completed (please ensure you include the swimmers DOB (so we can verify this is a legitimate entry and not spam) and valid email address (so we can email you back the credentials) the entry form and submitted it, we usually get back within a few hours, but sometimes a bit longer, with your credentials that allow you to logon.
Once in, at the bottom of the page you will see many things available to you, plus access to the last 3 galas.
If you have any difficulty please contact the web administrator on eitherwebsite@wallaseyswimmingclub.co.uk  ordave,penketh@wallaseyswimmingclub.co.uk